Sustainable implementation – with excellent methodological expertise

With us, you will master change.

We offer both: solid expertise and many years of implementation experience on the customer side

We know how it works. And we know how to do it.

“Everything that can be digitalised will be digitalised.”

We will help you be a digital pioneer in terms of customer orientation.

Process quality – primary driver of your customers‘ satisfaction

With us, you will keep your processes under control.


accredon consultants supports banks, insurance companies and financial services providers in reorganising their business models and organisational structures and in optimising business processes, in particular in the context of the profound digital transition in the industry.

We stand for trust – to the benefit of your customers.

The financial services industry is currently in a state of massive changes: the customer behaviour is changing, traditional business models are under pressure and regulation is increasing further.

On the path to the digital world, banks and insurance companies have to go through extensive changes, which involve far more than just new technologies. Unfulfilled customer needs have to be facilitated digitally and existing processes have to be optimised in the interests of the customer.

In accredon consultants you will find a partner who designs your transformation process in a sustainable way and guides you through the process with a focus on implementation and results.

What you can expect when working with us:

Our customers‘ issues

Digitalisation of business processes

Everybody is talking about “Digital Disruption”, but how can your existing business processes be digitalised? How do you ensure implementation?

Successful project and/or portfolio management

In many cases, business and IT projects do not produce the desired results and get out of hand with regard to time, content and budget.

Industrialisation of innovative customer solutions

You have developed innovative IT solutions for your customers. Unfortunately, you do not manage to scale them throughout the company and to industrialise the processes. What can you do?

Business and IT change projects

You would like to create a sustainable transformation project. How can you avoid errors in the course of the project and in the implementation?

ROI for business process management

You have invested a lot in BPM. Unfortunately, your processes have not become more customer-oriented and the return on investment is negative. What is to be done?

Digital transformation of the IT division

Your IT division still works in an old-fashioned way. How can you manage the digital change while at the same time maintaining a good IT service level?